Doodle God 2 is the sequel to the PC version of Doodle God. 81 new Elements have been added.

Differences from Doodle God

Doodle God can be played on Doodle God 2, in the form of Episode I. This appears to have been done so new players can play the first game before the second and get familiar with the game.

List of new Elements

These Elements can be made at the beginning of the game (Episode II). Elements for the first Doodle God (Episode I) can be found here.

Element Combine this and this
Plasma Fire Energy
Palmtree Sand Tree
Rocket Void Airplane
Satellite Void Rocket
Radio wave Void Electricity
Lightbulb Void Glass
Laser Radio wave Fire
Radiation Radio wave Radio wave
Quicksilver Water Metal
Plutonium Metal Radiation
TV Radio wave Lightbulb
Computer Book TV
Cyborg Human Computer
Cellphone Radio wave Computer
Internet Computer Computer
CD Book Laser
Philosopher's stone Demigod Quicksilver
Flower Grass Philosopher's stone
Apple Flower Tree
Gold Apple Cellphone
Coffee Seeds Energy
Nuclear Bomb Weapon Plutonium
Sun Void Plasma
Sunflower Flower Sun

After reaching 140 Elements, Episode III will begin, and the player will be given Commandments. They will then be able to make these Elements.

Element Combine this and this
Alien Void Life
Money Gold Paper
B-52 Coffee Vodka
Russian Roulette Firearm Vodka
UFO Alien Rocket
Work Human Money
Religion Human Commandments
Law Religion Human
Sin Religion Human
Sea Water Water
Salt Sea Sun
Pie Dough Apple
Censored Snake Airplane
Clock Sand Glass
Ant Beetle Work
White Russian Milk Vodka
Knowledge Human Book
Medicine Bacteria Knowledge
Rat Medicine Beast
Antibiotics Medicine Bacteria
Octopus Fish Knowledge
Bank Money Sky scraper
Music Human Reed
Mechanism Law Tools
Typewriter Book Mechanism
Debt Money Bank
Credit card Debt Money
Ice Glass Water
Freezer Ice Mechanism
Soldier Firearm Warrior
Tequila Alcohol Worm
Astronaut Human Rocket
Journalist Human Typewriter
Fun Human Sex
Scientist Human Knowledge
Games Fun Law
Caviar Egg Fish
Tavern House Beer
Pirate Alcoholic Ship
Rum Pirate Alcohol
Hangover Pirate Money
Death Metal Corpse Electricity
Rock-n-Roll Music Sex
Absinthe Alcohol Grass
Molotov cocktail Fire Vodka
Sugar Reed Field
Cookies Sugar Bread
Ice-cream Ice Cookies
Steak Fire Meat
Virus Human Bacteria
Hacker Virus Computer
Policeman Law Soldier
Cat Beast House
Dog Beast House
Cheese Bacteria Milk