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Doodle Kingdom is an app game developed by JoyBits.


Doodle God website description:

It’s time to get MEDIEVAL!

From the creators of the award winning puzzle games Doodle God & Doodle Devil, comes a fantasy brain-teaser where you can quest as a Dragon Breeder, Warlock and Knight! Daring adventure awaits you in this fantastical fantasy Kingdom where you can breed and raise four different types of Dragons, engage in “runner style” combat and bring your medieval fantasies to life! Puzzle game play has been completed re-imagined in this ALL ages fantasy adventure. Create a New Kingdom Today!

List of Elements

Note: If you're looking for how to make a specific Element, press Ctrl and F and your keyboard (if using a PC) to bring up a search bar for this page, then type in the Element name you're looking for.

This is a list of the Elements for the Genesis part of the game. For the Elements of the Quest The Return of the King, see The Return of the King. For the Elements of the Quest The Necromancer's Uprising, see The Necromancer's Uprising. For the Elements of the Quest How to Train your Dragon, see How to Train your Dragon.
Element Combine this and this
Volcano Lava Mountains
Beast Flatlands Life
Forest Flatlands Life
Druid Forest Magic
Humans Flatlands Life
Peasant Humans Flatlands
Field Peasant Flatlands
Militia Peasant Weapon
Flying island Flatlands Sky
Elves Forest Life
Elven town Elves Forest
Dwarves Mountains Life
Cave Dwarves Mountains
Dwarven town Dwarves Mountains
Mine Dwarves Mountains
Dark elf Cave Elves
Dwarf-miner Dwarves Mine
Ore Dwarves Mine
Gem Dwarf-miner Mine
Gold Dwarf-miner Mine
Darkness Dwarves Cave
Fire Dwarves Cave
Mine Dwarves Cave
Catacombs Cave Darkness
Thunder Darkness Sky
Orc Darkness Elves
Warg Orc Beast
Orc rider Orc Warg
Ram Orc Lumber
Forge Fire House
Metal Fire Ore
Tools Forge Metal
Trap Tools Ranger
Corpse Trap Humans
Mythril Metal Magic
Mythril armor Mythril Dwarves
Dwarven king Dwarf-warrior Mythril armor
Power Dwarven king Dwarves
Noble Power Humans
Army Noble Soldier
Castle Knight House
Town Castle House
Atlantis Town Sea
Dark fortress Castle Darkness
Weapon Metal Humans
Knight Noble Weapon
Dwarf-warrior Weapon Dwarves
Bow Weapon Elves
Ranger Bow Elves
Meat Ranger Beast
Skin Ranger Beast
Armor Skin Metal
Parchment Skin Tools
Spellbook Parchment Magician
Necronomicon Darkness Spellbook
Cultist Necronomicon Humans
Scroll Magic Parchment
Resurrection Scroll Life
Hunter Bow Humans
Soldier Humans Weapon
Fire storm Fire Magic
Demon Lava Life
Kraken Demon Sea
Fire elemental Fire Life
Bird Beast Sky
Egg Bird Forest
Dragon Egg Magic
Phoenix Bird Fire
Thunderbird Bird Thunder
Triton Sea Humans
Iceberg Sea Mountains
Fish Sea Life
Mermaid Fish Humans
Stone Humans Mountains
Stone circle Stone Magic
Troll Life Stone
Ruins Forest Stone
Statue Dwarves Stone
Golem Life Statue
Berries Humans Forest
Lumber Humans Forest
Poison Berries Darkness
Poison cloud Poison Scroll
Raft Lumber Sea
Wheel Lumber Tools
Cart Wheel Lumber
Siege tower Cart House
Team Cart Domestic animal
Chariot Cart Elves
Ship Cart Sea
Domestic animal Humans Beast
Unicorn Elves Domestic animal
Pegasus Unicorn Sky
Hut Humans Lumber
House Humans Stone
Village Hut Hut
Catapult Lumber Stone
Ghost Life Ash
Ent Ghost Forest
Zombie Ghost Humans
Magician Humans Magic
Summon Magician Life
Lightning bolt Magician Sky
Earthquake Magician Flatlands
Collapse Earthquake Cave
Avalanche Earthquake Mountains
Mage Tower House Magician
Rune Magician Stone
Ash Humans Lightning bolt
Bones Humans Lightning bolt