Water is part of the water group. It is available both before and after 130 elements have been created.


Water is a basic element and is available from the beginning.

Used to Create

This article is about the element itself. For the element group, see Water (Group).

Water is an element found in Doodle God, Doodle God 2 and Doodle Devil. It is a part of Water group in Doodle God and it's sequel and a part of Nature group in Doodle Devil.

Ingredients Products
Philosopher's stone + Poison. Water.

Recipes in Doodle God.
Ingredients Products
Water + Lava Stone + Steam(DG)
Water + Earth(DG) Swamp
Water + Cement Concrete
Water + Life Weeds
Water and Bacteria Plankton
Water+ Snake (DG) Fish (DG)
Water+ Alchohol Vodka

Water and Wood

Water and Flour



Recipes in Doodle God 2.

Recipes (Doodle God via Doodle God 2)

Ingredients Products
Water and Metal Quicksilver

Recipes (Doodle God 2)

Ingredients Products
Water and Water Sea
Water and Magic Potion
Water and Glass Ice

Recipes (Doodle Devil)

Ingredients Products
Water and Fire Steam
Water and Lava Stone
Water and Beast Fish
Water and Demon Cthulhu
Water and Sulfur Acid
Water and Cannon Battle Cruiser